[REVIEW] Gold Lens 03 : Sunny Eyes From e-circlelens.com

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Annyeonghaseyo ~ I want to tell you about something. Something good, nice and awesome that called is Gold Lens 03 (Sunny Eyes)
what is it?
Sunny eyes is the newes of e-circlelens
maybe I'm the first one who tried and review this softlens OAO
I'm so glad if it is true lol 
ok then it is your time to try now :)
when received this softlens. look the brochure written from e-circleLens.com , for sure that the store is nice and trusted! they are from Korea

  If you want  Sunny Eyes , you can buy it at e-circlelens. just click hereI will lead you directly to the page ^-^
they will give you 10% OFF when you sign up for a membership and FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE for shopping more than $130 .
wohooooooooo how nice this is :D
waiting  for ?? 
let's go to here

tips for you :

- if you got this lens, change the water with softlens water. so that the lens is clean and sterile.
- remember that eyes are sensitive, so keep your eyes guys ^-^ 
- after used don't forget you always have to wash it properly and change the cleaner for your eyes

this is me when using Sunny Eyes, the lens looks so elegant anyway. Ignore my messy hair. I tried Harley Quinn makeup on this picture.
Look my eyes below, I mean look the softlens xD
the softlens looks like ring light.
don't be bored and thanks for visit and read this post until end

hope it help ^-^
have a nice day

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