[REVIEW] UV Pink from e-circlelens.com

Monday, November 17, 2014

I got new softlens. this softlens is nice, comfortable and adorable >3< If you want too, buy it at e-circlelens.com now! cosplay lens so many there. take it fast guys . will not be disappointed. We ♥ your eyes http://e-circlelens.com/

when received this softlens. look the brochure. written from e-CircleLens.com , for sure that the store is nice and trusted! they are from Korea
UV Pink
Made In : Korea
Code : INCUP28
Manufacurer : INNO Vision
 this is my eyes before-after use the lens.
pink on the inside and black lines circular.
this lens is nice for cosplay

tips for you :
- if you got this lens, change the water with softlens water. so that the lens is clean and sterile.
- remember that eyes are sensitive, so keep your eyes guys ^-^ 
- after used don't forget you always have to wash it properly and change the cleaner for your eyes
- cosplay lenses are different from normal contact lenses
 If you want UV Pink, you can buy it at e-circlelens. just click here, I will lead you directly to the page ^-^
they will give you 10% OFF when you sign up for a membership and FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE for shopping more than $130 .
wohooooooooo how nice this is :D
$60 become $50
waiting  for ?? 
let's go to here
and let me to flood a picture using this contact lens lolol
3, 2, 1 action XD
don't be bored and thanks for visit and read this post until end
hope it help ^-^
have a nice day

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