Kawaii Box Review and Giveaway: Omg It's so Kawaii, I'm Gonna Die

Monday, November 03, 2014

kawaii box, review, october 2014
These are the eleven happy things I found in my October Kawaii Box.
kawaii box, review, october 2014
Loving all my new pink cuties. They arrived to make my life more kawaii.
kawaii box, october 2014, review
This adorable cat pencil sharpener is my favourite.
kawaii box, review, october 2014
A lovely face cloth, a bear charm and a funny bunny card.
kawaii box, review, october 2014
Cute bunny stickers, I'll use them for my mail.
kawaii box, review, october 2014
This girly bag will be my new makeup bag, yay! Hello bunnies, rainbows and love letters!
kawaii box, review, october 2014
What a fluffy cat plush! I'll decorate one of my bags with it.
kawaii box, october 2014, review
Grapefruit sweets with the most adorable packaging ever.
kawaii box, review, october 2014
And the best: It's more than just charming when a parcel comes with a handwritten card (and candy hair ties). Thumbs up!

Do you love surprises and getting parcels? Then this is one for you! If you subscribe to Kawaii Box, you'll get a box of the cutest items from Japan and Korea every month for just $ 18.90; shipping included. Every Kawaii Box contains 10 to 12 handpicked kawaii items and is delivered to you worldwide.

When I was asked to review the October Box, I eagerly checked my mailbox every day, that big was my curiosity to see what cute things I would get. My thrill of anticipation didn't end in disappointment at all when the box arrived perfectly on time. I love about my box that there are two cat items in it – a little plush and a pencil sharpener – and that everything is pink and cheerful.

This is what I found in my box:
- Cat Pencil Sharpener
- Furry Nemuneko Cat Plush
- Soft Bear Charm
- 2 Candy Hair Ties
- Small Printed Bag
- Bunny Stickers
- Pink Pearl Jewellery Stickers
- Puccho Grapefruit Flavor Soft Yoghurt Candy
- Hello Kitty Pen with Dessert Decoration
- Printed Face Cloth
- Bunny Greeting Card with Envelope

+ a lovely handwritten card and a 10% voucher for www.blippo.com ( a website where you can find many of the items from previous boxes)

I think besides buying it for oneself, the Kawaii Box is a perfect gift for your girlfriends. Kawaii Box offers a three-month gift option on their homepage. I wish there was a one-month gift option as well, sometimes onetime goodies are just right…

I am truly impressed by the selection of items of my box, and I am very tempted to subscribe to this box. It's truly refreshing and brings a lot of happiness into a girls life. I'm already longing so much for more of it…

And the best: You can win your very own Kawaii Box, just enter below. Good Luck!
Thanks to Kawaii Box for the box.

source : http://saraisinlovewith.blogspot.ch/2014/10/kawaii-box-omg-its-so-kawaii-im-gonna.html

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