Ulzzang kids Hsuan Hsuan

Saturday, September 06, 2014


Today post, i want to tell you about my favorite Ulzzang kids. She's super kawaii. Her name is Hsuan Hsuan
I meet her on facebook, and only meet her picture and some video. i'm not that sure, where she life. as i know the fan page use Mandarin language. but, i really love her picture. to much love make me save her picture. 
in my opinion, she look adorable when she used a wig and glasses. ohhh i want to hug her !!
as i know she have a young brother, and he also cute
umm, i think Hsuan Hsuan similiar with her Mom. i look from her eyes. both are cute  
sometimes i hope to get baby like her when i already being Mommy lol

okay, this is some picture of her. sure you will save it !! :p

 she's adorable right? i know right xD
hahaha selfie, and look!! what is she doing?? omg draw a mustache lol
omg, why so cute xD
i want you, be my sister please haha
her shoes so cute.
so true! cute stuff for cute girl

i think i'm done on this post. 
if you want to see more picture about her.
click 'Like' on her Fanpage

thank you for visit my blog and reading this post 
hope you like ^^

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